Taiss Byenth


Taiss Byenth was born and raised in Fuund as the son of a bee farmer. Well, a honey farmer to be more exact. The honey business was good because the supply was low. In fact, Taiss ‘s family were the only supplier of honey in the greater Letem area. From a young age all Taiss knew was raising happy bees because happy bees made the best honey. Taiss’ father always said he had an affinity for raising bees – comparable to his great grandpa even.

Since business was good the Byenth’s had a lot of money but they never showed it. They lived in the same house their great great great great grandparents did and didn’t were fancy cloths or have any servants. Just Taiss his sister Otillia and his parents kept the bees happy. Taiss has been on many sales of honey. His father has been proud of his progress in the sale’s of honey. Taiss could take over the business in a few years at this rate. Taiss is a careful gnome who tries his best to look out for others, bees to beings.

I hate writing back stories :(. :(. “I’m so bad at it,” Said the blue truck.

Taiss’ life of keeping bees changed after

Taiss Byenth

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