Grum Forest

A forest so thick it is hard even for elves to navigate it. The primary source of Brauma’s lumber export.

Lake Ignus

The largest lake in Eljaruum and main source of fresh water.

Lake Stratus

An ominously still and crystal clear lake.

Lake Tibus

Thin lake with many small docks on the coast.

Mort Desert

Once a beautiful forest, a change in climate made this area a harsh inhabitable desert.

Okasu Mountains

Small mountain range formed when the Dragon’s Head collided with the rest of Eljaruum.

Okilo Mountains

Large mountain range formed by shifting tectonic plates.

Parvu Desert

Arid region of Eljaruum Island.

Viridem Forest

Once a large desert, a change in climate made this area into a beautiful forest.

Vivum Forest

Large rain forest on Eljaruum Island.


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