Other Locations

Bay Woods

Small forest on the East Bay.

Dragon’s Head

South-western end of Eljaruum. Once an island, it collided with the mainland to form the Okasu Mountains.

Dragon’s Maw

Bay formed between the two southern peninsula’s of the Dragon’s Head.

East Bay

Bay on the eastern edge of Eljaruum.

Eljaruum Island

Southern island that was once part of Eljaruum. It was cut off from the mainland when the Ocean rose.

Eljaruum Isles

Islands east of Eljaruum. Their dense rain forest makes them inhospitable. That and the monkeys.

Flooded Sea

Sea that separates Eljaruum Island from the mainland. It was formed when the ocean rose.

Mount Ignus

Tallest mountain in the Okilo Mountains, located at the top of Lake Ignus. This mountain was once an active volcano.

Valley of Death

Part of the Mort Desert between the Okasu and Okilo Mountains.

Whispering Woods.

Woods around Piscus known for the rustling tree leaves that sometimes sound like talking.

Other Locations

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