Small Cities


A dwarven city dug into the eastern end of the Okilo Mountains. Many precious materials come from this city resulting in its great wealth and superfluous architecture and gilding.


An old research facility built on the ruins of an ancient jungle people that was abandoned due to the harshness of the surrounding jungle and its wildlife.


The remains of a once great holy empire that fell when the Mort Forests turned to desert.


A large facility where dangerous research is conducted away from other civilization. Only authorized personal are allowed to enter and only once per year.


A farming town outside of Letem.


Birthplace of the first dragons, and home of dragonkin. It was once a great city of knowledge and wisdom until the dragons left Eljaruum.


A city full of bars, brothels, and casinos where sailors go during their weeks off. Many students from the various universities spend their vacation here.


Another farming community outside of Letem.


A holy site long forgotten by most people. Only the tallest of its buildings are stiill seen above the sand.


A small fishing colony on the coast where many satyr live.


A coastal city where ships are built. Many skilled craftsman can be found here.


Location of the original elvish city, now a community of elves who live by the ‘old ways’. It is impossible to find unless the searcher knows where to look.


A vacation destination for those more fortunate located on the Eljaruum Isle. Or it was, until it was overrun by monkeys.

Small Cities

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