Time Line

First Age: Creation: 0-1156

The continent Eljaruum was created by the seven gods. Each god put aspects of themselves into the world so they would each hold a stake in their creation. The gods lived freely in their world with those they created and were worshiped, as they should be.

Second Age: Strife: 1157-1337

The gods did not see eye to eye on many matters which caused heated disagreements which often erupted into battle. This caused much suffering among their subjects, and to spare them pain, the gods ascended from their world into the heavens to protect their creations. Each god left behind a token to their most devout followers.

Third Age: Doubt: 1338-2112

The people of Eljaruum wonder if the gods will ever settle their differences and return. Life becomes a struggle without the help of the gods, and only the strongest survive. The relics are fought over in a series of holy wars and by the end of the Age, the locations of the relics are only known by a select few.

Fourth Age: Industry: 2113-Present (2465)

Advancements in farming, medicine, and transportation have turned Eljaruum into an economic machine. There is little poverty and people live happy easy lives. There is little thought of the gods since they have not been heard of for ages and most literature that mentions them has been destroyed or lost. Religion is practiced by very few people, and even they have little to base their faith on, but still receive small bursts of divine magic when they ask for it; however, others attribute this to Arcane magic, which has become a widespread practice in everyday life.

Time Line

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